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The Master of The Gate (Ticket Booth and Treasurer)

Role filled by: 
Jillian Hill
Email Address: 
It shall be the duties of the Master of the Gate:
  • To arrange for production rights pertaining to performances.
  • To order scripts for upcoming productions.
  • To collect all bills due and reimbursements paid for the LTU Society of Dramatic Arts and submit requests for money through the appropriate processes (StuGov, etc.).
  • To keep records of all costs incurred and incomes collected by the LTU Society of Dramatic Arts.
  • To make a Gate Master's report at the end of each semester, which will be submitted to student government and repeated at the first meeting of the semester which follows the report.
  • To transfer all accounts and accounting to the incoming Master of the Gate during the spring semester.
  • To organize all fundraising events
  • To sell tickets and concessions at the gate for each performance.
  • To organize and manage the fundraising and sales team, which will help perform the duties above.