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Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein

Shel Silverstein
Director Staff: 
Director: Rachel Yarbrough
Director: Janelle O'Hara
Director: Jake Lefebvre

Shel Silverstein is renown for his poetry, but his talents also extended to the theatrical arts.  In January 1959, Look Charlie: A Short History of the Pratfall was a chaotic off-Broadway comedy staged by Silverstein, Jean Shepherd and Herb Gardner at New York's Orpheum Theatre on Second Avenue in the Lower East Side. Silverstein went on to write more than 100 one-act plays. The Devil and Billy Markham, published in Playboy in 1979, was later adapted into a solo one-act play that debuted on a double bill with Mamet's Bobby Gould in Hell (1989) with Dr. Hook vocalist Dennis Locorriere narrating. Karen Kohlhaas directed An Adult Evening of Shel Silverstein, produced by New York's Atlantic Theater Company in September 2001 with ten short sketches, eight of which you will see here tonight.


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Performance Dates

LTU Arts and Science Building, S100
Venue Address: 
2100 West Ten Mile Road Southfield, MI 48075
Ticket Cost: 
General Admission: $5.00
With LTU ID: Free
Special Thanks: 

Dr. Melinda Phillips: Our Faculty Adviser

Dean Bauer and the College of Arts and Sciences: Advice, help, and sponsoring our playbill publication

Rachel Cronover: Designing the poster and flyer

LTU eLearning: Filming the production

Holly Helterhoff & the Scholars Program members: For donating the use of their room

Cast Members

Jake LefebvreHarvey (Act 1), George (Act 3), Executioner (Act 5)
Emily VottaSylvia (Act 1), Pete (Act 5), Sherwin (Act 6)
Vibha KondurIrwin (Act 2), Daddy (Act 4)
Jaime WillburCelia(Act 2), Judge (Act 5)
Amanda SweetMarianne (Act 3), Lucy (Act 5), Sherilee (Act 7)
Janelle O'HaraKendra (Act 3), Inspector (Act 5), Merilee (Act 7)
Rachel YarbroughLisa (Act 4), Sargent (Act 5)
Dayna LongClergyman (Act 5), Jen (Act 6), Willie (Act 8)
Elijah HartmanLee (Act 7)
Joe LongThe Dog (Act 8)

Crew Members

Joe LongTechnical Director
Carrie ScottLighting Console Operator
Vicky LencioneLighting Console Operator
Katherine WilbertAudio Console Operator