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A Family Reunion to Die For

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Matt Steele and Mike Steele
Pioneer Drama Service
Director Staff: 
Director: TJ Strickland
Asst. Director: Mary Cody
Asst. Director: Miranda Klemp

It's time for the Knotting Family Reunion, and newlywed Christine Franklin is eager to show off her husband Freddie to the family she hasn't seen in years.  The joyful reunion quickly turns sour though when Aunt Gretchen, Cousin Rachel, and Cousin Stefan are all murdered.  The members of the Knotting Family are dropping like flies, and Christine seems to be next in line to become a victim!  To make matters worse, a terrible storm has trapped all of the guests inside.  It's up to Freddie to catch the murderer and save his blushing bride.  After all, he is a detective — well, a mall security guard turned wannabe detective, anyway.  Who is trying to wipe out the Knotting family?  Is it the pair of squirrel-hunting hillbilly sisters with their rifle?  The former Vegas showgirl with a knack for knitting?  The maid with a single digit IQ?  The grouchy cook?  The bitter journalist?  The troupe of mimes?  Gretchen, Rachel, and Stefan return from the dead, and with the audience's help, teach Freddie what it takes to be a real detective.  Complete with a hilarious chase scene, a chance for several of the characters to interact with the audience and a few surprising plot twists, this refreshingly fun, murder mystery comedy is the perfect play for high school ages and up.


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Performance Dates

Mary E Marburger Science and Engineering Auditorium
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Students: Free
General Admission: $5.00
Special Thanks: 

(In no particular order)

Paul Jaussen, SODA's Adviser

Dean Bauer and the College of Arts and Sciences, for publication, logistics assistance, and planning assistance to allow the production to continue throughout the construction period.

Dr. Scott Schneider, for stepping in as the ultimate backup reader and the occasional comic relief.

Wally Bizon, Kai Schmidt, and LTU Media Services, for audio and video services, and for helping with planning the use of microphones next to flying cake and water!

Jenny Long and Vicky Lencione, for assisting with stage construction and costume team respectively.

Cast Members

Mandy EspinosaGretchen Wilcox
Kaitlynn BaksaConnie Carlson
Ashlea WhiteBeatrice Googleheimer
Rachel SeegerChristine Franklin
Taylor BresslerFreddie Franklin
Gabe StroeCostumed Guest
Gabrielle VanAmbergLola Matthews
Kaitlyn LiveoakCarla Jo Michaels
Emily MinnickRhonda Mae Michaels
Cameron MicaleNeil Camp
Emily ColeMolly
Christopher LeclercMinnie
Erin MoranMaxie
Ji NamkoongMussolini
John LeclercJoel March
Marcel CloutierStefan Livingston
Jillian HillSuzanne Livingston
Stephanie HampoRachel Shanklin
Terry SorensonRobert Shanklin

Crew Members

Joe LongTechnical Director, Lighting Console
Dana NovakStage Manager
Danielle ProkopenkoAsst. Stage Manager
Nikki TurkusCostumes Manager
Gabrielle VanAmbergLighting Rigging and Design, Stage Design Team
Leif GundersonSet Architect
Chad PantinStage Design Team, Props Team
John LeclercStage Design Team
Jason JanickiStage Mentor
Jenny LongStage Mentor
Caitlyn BrushProps Manager
Shannon KennedyProps Team
Emilie RenglerMakeup Manager
Erin MoranMakeup Team
Sam HaffnerMakeup Team
Gabe StroePR Team Manager
Emily MinnickPR Team
Emily ColePR Team
Jillian HillPR Team
Kaitlyn LiveoakPR Team
Stephanie HampoPR Team
Ann JanickiPR Mentor