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The Curious Savage

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John Patrick
Director Staff: 
Director: Vance Arnold
Assistant Director: Katie Hendrickson

Mrs. Savage has inherited ten million dollars but her eager step-children wish to assist her in disbursing the funds. When she is institutionalized by them, she discovers various social misfits who need the help she can provide. This comedy leaves the audience feeling that the neglected virtues of kindness and affection have not been entirely lost in a world that seems at times to only be motivated by greed and dishonesty.


Audition Dates

Performance Dates

LTU Science Building, S100
Venue Address: 
2100 West Ten Mile Southfield, MI 48075

Cast Members

Rachel SeegerMrs. Ethel Savage
Monica LangleyFlorence
Josue NunesHannibal
Delaney LargeFairy May
Gabriel StroeJeffrey
Anisa AdameMrs. Paddy
Josh BriellTitus
Jake LefebvreSamuel
Katie HendricksonLily Belle
Emily VottaMiss Wilhelmina
Zaid AlmasarwehDr. Emmett

Crew Members

Joe LongTechnical Director
Ron JenkinsLighting Console Operator
Kenny FitzgeraldStage Manager
Mari WeaverStage Manager
Sam BloinkConstruction Engineer
Vicky LencioneConstruction Engineer / Costumes
Andreea VasileConstruction Engineer