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Cyrano De Bergerac

Submitter's Name: 
Marcel Cloutier
Email Address:
Your own personal experience with the play: 
This is totally my favorite (non musical) play! It is hilarious, witty, and absolutely brilliant! Cyrano is my favorite literary character and his verses are awesome! Some friends and I, (apart from my reading this many times), have performed it ourselves for amusement and it is a very fun play!
What you liked and disliked about the play: 
Like-the witty dialogue, the larger-than-life characters, the intriguing story line, easily adapted to a smaller cast Dislike-the crazy French names. Some of those might have to be simplified if we were to do the play. Also random note: this link keeps on marking this show as science fiction under genre. It is not. It is a comedy/romance.
Author's Name: 
Edmund Rostand, recommended translation: Brian Hooker
If you had personal, hands on experience, would you be willing to direct the performance?: 
I have no personal experience with the show