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COLLEGE the Musical

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This story takes place over the course of a weekend in the common room of 212 Gauss Hall, the greatest party room on campus. We follow Nathan, our starry-eyed, enthusiastic, and slightly awkward freshman protagonist, as he meets the members of the room and their friends: the charismatic and mysterious ringleader, Jay; lovesick Sarah; athletic Eddie; studious Simon; overextended and highly caffeinated Amy; video-game addict, Rob; seductive Lindsay; obsessed public safety officer, Agnes; and the rest of an energetic cast in this whacky but familiar world. And then there's Katharine, the girl everyone knows Nathan ought to end up with but whom he constantly overlooks, distracted by his newfound freedom and the excitement of college life. Soon Nathan learns about the joys of sleeping in, partying, playing video games, skipping class, and living the "ideal" life of leisure championed by Jay and his roommates. But as life progresses and events start quickly spiraling out of control, Nathan realizes (with some help from Katharine) that maybe the world of 212 Gauss Hall isn't everything it's cracked up to be.
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