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David and Lisa

Eleanor Perry
James Reach
Theodore Isaac Rubin
Samuel French
Director Staff: 
Director: Kris Naylor
Assistant Director: Tommy Penner
Assistant Director: Emily Morgan

David, only son of wealthy parents, over-protected by a dominating mother, is tortured by his mania against being touched.  And Lisa, the waif who has never known parental love, who has developed a split personality and is in effect two different girls, one of whom will only speak in childish rhymes and insists on being spoken to in the same manner.  The play follows them during the course of one term at Barkley School, where they have come under the sympathetic and understanding guidance of psychiatrist Alan Swinford and his staff, follows them through exhilarating progress and depressing retrogression.  Included are their fellow students: Carlos, the street urchin, the over-romantic Kate, stout Sandra who is unloved and unwanted by her glamorous father and step-mother, and others.  With laughter, heartbreak and suspense, the continuous absorption of an authentic and well-told story about problems that are totally unfamiliar to most of us.  The production is extremely simple; it is played against drapes using a minimum of props.


Audition Dates

Audition dates not available

Performance Dates

LTU Science Building, S100
Venue Address: 
2100 West Ten Mile Road Southfield, MI 48075
Special Thanks: 

Dean Glen Bauer for understanding and sharing our love for the theater, helping with publicity, and program printing

The Humanities Department for allowing us the creative freedom to choose our own plays and for suggesting a few classics.

David and Nicole Huntsperger for giving us creative vision when we were lost

Cast Members

Derek FarkasDavid Clemens
Andrea FreileMrs. Clemens, Josette
Eric LennemannPorter, John
Jen GuthrieSecretary, Mrs. Ferris, Barbara
Emily VottaDr. Alan Swinford
Latisha JohnsonMaureen Hart
Giuseppe LacariaCarlos, First Boy
Rachel YarbroughSandra, Girl
Kat RuffSimon, Mr. Clemens
Amanda SweetKate, Woman
Katie HendricksonLisa
Emily MorganRobert
Jessica HousenechtBen
Tommy PennerSecond Boy

Crew Members

John CamardeseTechnical Director
Greg EllsworthStage Manager
Kris NaylorStage Manager
Joe LongAudio Engineer
Jess StilesLighting Engineer