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Death of a Salesmen

Arthur Miller
Dramatists Play Services
Director Staff: 
Director: Ken Vojtech

The depression of the 1930's was the turning point for an era of history in the United States. The American Dream, that amazing optimism and confidence, was shaken to its very core. Even though Arthur Miller's "Death of a Salesmen" is not set during this Great Depression, the scars are still present as Willy Loman, a sixty-three-year-old salesman is left baffled at his failures. He lives in what is believed to be the greatest country in the world; a country of Manifest Destiny. But therein lies the problem: if every man builds his own path and something goes wrong, where can the fault lie but in himself? "If personal meaning in this cheer leader society lies in success, then failure must threaten identity itself" (intro).

Performance dedicated to Prof. Kevin Kelch and his family.


Audition Dates

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Performance Dates

LTU Science Building, S100
Venue Address: 
2100 West Ten Mile Road Southfield, MI 48075
Ticket Cost: 
General Admission: $5.00
With LTU ID: Free
Special Thanks: 

Ron Jenkins Sr. forr assistance in set construction

Emily Morgan as Make-Up Artist

Emily and Kelly Flynn: the voices of Howard's son and daughter

Christie Willet forr aiding in the production

Cast Members

Rich GeyerWilly Loman
Jen GuthrieLinda Loman
Giuseppe LacariaBiff Loman
Joe LongHappy Loman
Dave StefaniakBernard
Shannon BraunThe Woman
Kenneth E. VojtechCharley
Andrew FoxUncle Ben
Andy BowHoward, Stanley
Rachel YarbroughMiss. Forsythe
Holli McPhersonLetta, Jenny

Crew Members

John CamardeseTechnical Director
Jessica StilesStage Manager
Richard GrayHouse Manager
Ron JenkinsLighting Engineer
Stephen DageAudio Operator
Joe LongOST Production