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The Arbiter of Thespians (President)

Role filled by: 
Ryan Moreno
Email Address: 

It shall be the duty of the Arbiter of Thespians:

  • To preside over the Thespian Council and all Thespian Council meetings during the term of office
  • To expound and enforce a due observance of the constitution.
  • To schedule event (rehearsals and performances, etc.) space with the appropriate contacts.
  • To call for all Thespian Council and general meetings, and call special meetings as necessary.
  • To authenticate, by his/her signature when necessary, all the acts, orders, and proceedings of the LTU Society of Dramatic Arts.
  • To fill or delegate all temporary vacancies not already defined.
  • To perform such duties and/or acts required in an emergency situation where the approval or disapproval of the LTU Society of Dramatic Arts is impossible to attain.
  • To break all ties in votes of the Thespian Council
  • To appoint a stand-in to any meeting or function where he/she will not be able to attend. This appointment must be made publicly with proper notice. This stand-in must meet the qualifications of the Arbiter and will speak with all the power due his office.
  • To arrange for the election of officers before the end of the Spring semester.